Biodegradable Flaxseed Heavy-Duty BioHangers®

$39.99 $49.99 saving $10.00
Biodegradable Flaxseed Heavy-Duty BioHangers®

Biodegradable Flaxseed Heavy-Duty BioHangers®

$39.99 $49.99 saving $10.00

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    All new flaxseed biodegradable composite reduces plastic usage by 60%

    BioHangers® are a new sustainable option in the USA for clothes hangers of any kind. 

    We hope to transition all of our products to this material eventually as we continue our mission of designing top quality products that LAST while reducing as much waste as possible.  

    • Biohangers® are made with our ultra-strong, all new Flaxseed Biodegradable composite!
    • Reduced plastic usage by 60%!
    • If Higher Hangers are too high for your needs, these are the PERFECT all-around hangers!
    • One of a kind carabiner hook keeps hangers from slipping off the bar once and for all.

    25, 50, 100 BioHangers® per box. 

    • Standard-width gentle shoulder profile prevents pesky shoulder bumps! 
    • Ribbed shoulders and accessory hooks kee ALL your clothes on the hanger
    • Dimensions:  16.5" Width x 7.5" tall x 1/4" thick 
    • Weight: ~65g each (nearly double the weight of cheap plastic hangers)
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