Simple Closet Organization Ideas

Simple DIY Closet Organizer Ideas

If you’re like most people, you’ve got more clothes in your closet than you can get a handle on (no judgment here!). But wouldn’t it be nice to maximize your space and make it easy to find what you’re looking for on those crazy mornings?

Higher Hangers has some great ideas for organizing your closet and ensuring that you’re actually able to see where your super-cute shoes are or find your lucky shirt when you’re already running late.

Put a Ring on It

Shower rings aren’t just for curtains anymore. As it turns out, they’re also great space savers when put on hangers with a straight metal bar to let you hang up scarves or belts, so you don’t have to wad them up in a drawer somewhere.

Another option is to use a soda tab, or something similar, to let you hang a second hanger on the top of the first hanger. This will also allow you to take advantage of the vertical space in your closet, with one piece of clothing hanging a few inches higher than the next one.

Theoretically, you could chain your hangers down three or four, although you’ll need to be careful not to put too much weight on the initial hanger, or you might cause it to break. But being creative can render you a lot more space plus more visibility. A total win-win!

Look Up

This may not be true for every closet, but people often forget about all of the vertical space going up the sides of your wardrobe. These places are great for hooks or nails to hang up things like purses, jewelry, hats, mittens, gloves, or other lightweight accessories.

For smaller things, this is a great way to utilize every last inch of your closet. Just don’t hang too many things on these hooks, or you might accidentally add to the chaos.

If you have room for a shelf near the top of your closet, get creative, and use it to store seasonal gear like winter boots and coats. You may need a ladder to get them down, but they won’t spend the rest of the year cluttering up your closet.

What’s Behind Door Number One?

It’s easy to forget about your closet door, but it’s a great place to hang accessories like handbags, scarves, jewelry, or hats. Using hooks or special jewelry holders with a hook that goes through the door frame can give you some extra space to organize things that might normally be cluttering up your closet floor.

Label It

Baskets or drawers with labels on them are much easier to sift through when you need to find something fast. Vertically stackable plastic or wire drawers can stay in the corner of your closet and don’t need to take much room. We recommend using these if you have a light source in your closet since it’s hard to read in the dark.

Slip Slidin’ Away

Another way to store your scarf or belt collection without taking precious space or hangers away from your actual clothes is to use a sliding storage rack. It utilizes some of the wall space already in your closet to hang lightweight items, but when you need to look at what you’ve got, it’s easy to slide the panel out.

This works best with scarves and belts since they’re thin and don’t take up much room. As a word of caution, handbags, hats, and other accessories are often too wide to work with this configuration.

Rack ‘Em Up!

Shoe racks aren’t just for kids at school. They’re great ways to keep things organized, both inside and out of your closets. In addition to keeping a shoe rack in your closet for fancier shoes, we highly recommend keeping one by your front door or in your mudroom, so people coming in from the rain, snow, or mud can take their shoes off and contain the mess.

Sunny Sides Up

If you’re the type of person who has plenty of sunglasses, it’s easy to accidentally misplace a pair, or two, or...all of them at one time! With this DIY sunglass frame, your sunglasses go on full display on the wall near your closet or in your closet so that you never have to wonder where your favorite frames went.

Drawers for Your Drawers

Drawer organizers are a real blessing for people with crowded drawers. It’s one thing if your drawer only contains one thing, like just underwear, but most people don’t have enough drawers for that single-mindedness. If you’ve got underwear, socks, bras, tights, and swimsuits all in one drawer, you never know what you might pull out!

 It’s even worse for jewelry drawers since delicate chains can get tangled up or tied in knots when bundled up together. Drawer organizers are great for helping you grab something when you’re in a rush or separating genres of objects. Either buy an organizer or make one yourself by painting small boxes and inserting them into the drawer.

Slim Things Down

Using slimline hangers is a great way to help you fit more in your closet. They can support just as much weight as ordinary hangers, but keep everything in thin spaces, so you’re able to hang more pants, skirts, dresses, or coats that you might normally keep folded in a drawer. Say goodbye to unwanted wrinkles and hello to more closet space!

Hanging It Up

Are you excited about all the possibilities your closet holds now? Our founder designed the idea for slimline hangers in a crowded college dorm room where space is always at a premium. If he could redesign the hanger to organize his closet, we think you’ll have a much easier time with these great tips and tricks. You’ll be able to see all of your clothes and accessories in no time, and that is a closet miracle if we do say so!



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