BioHangers® - Biodegradable Slimline Higher Hangers (14"-17"-19" Sizes)

$64.99 $79.99 saving $15.00
BioHangers® - Biodegradable Slimline Higher Hangers (14"-17"-19" Sizes)

BioHangers® - Biodegradable Slimline Higher Hangers (14"-17"-19" Sizes)

$64.99 $79.99 saving $15.00

Our favorite BioHangers just became our lowest price product, despite costing more.

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All new flaxseed biodegradable composite reduces plastic usage by 60%

Higher Hangers is the first to offer this new sustainable option in the USA for clothes hangers of any kind. 

We hope to transition all of our products to this material eventually as we continue our mission of designing top quality products that LAST while reducing as much waste as possible.  

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Slimline space saving hangers with a slippery finish.

Slim plastic material great for collared shirts, t-shirts, and more. 50% heavier and more sturdy than competing slim models, while allowing more hangers per row of clothing. Ideal for small closet spaces or traveling.

40 or 120 Higher Hangers per box. 

  • Space saving design creates closet space, reduces wrinkles & clutter
  • Standard-width gentle shoulder profile prevents pesky shoulder bumps! 
  • No velvet coating makes for a more slippery, traditional surface great for collared clothing or t-shirts, pants & more
  • 1/4" (6mm) slim design saves lateral space for more hangers to fit on your rod
  • Dimensions:  17" Width x 6" (15cm) tall x 1/4" (6mm) thick 
  • Weight: ~70g each (nearly double the weight of cheap plastic hangers)
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