Have questions? Here are the answers to some we hear most often.

What’s your shipping and return policy? 

  • 30-Day Guarantee - FREE RETURN Shipping, Try Us Out!
  • Click Here to Get Your Prepaid Return Label
  • If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason within the first 30 days, return it to us for a full refund.
  • AM Orders typically leave the warehouse same business day and PM orders the following business day, and generally take 2-3 days to deliver depending on your location from Austin, TX.
  • *Product must be in original packaging in like-new condition. See our full return policy, including for those outside the US 48, by clicking here. 

International shipping?

  • International shipping costs are calculated in the checkout process based on the items you wish to buy. See full shipping costs before placing your order. 
  • Higher Hangers ship from USA exclusively with no international stockist at this time.

Do collared shirts work on Higher Hangers?

  • You bet. The short neck clothes hanger design maximizes space by still allowing enough room to be used with every type of clothing, including collared shirts. 
Will the velvet material get on my clothes?
  • We’ve never had any complaints of velvet deteriorating or bleeding on clothes, and these hangers are our #1 seller. We’ve even tested specifically for this by submerging hangers in boiling water, and no color transfer occurs. 
  • Occasionally, depending on the weather the day the hangers were made, some extra velvet dust can cling but goes away quick and easy. We try our best to manage production with weather and air blow all hangers clean prior to packaging. Contact Us if you feel like there is a problem and we will take care of you!