Make the most with the least.

Invented & patented in a dorm room, Higher Hangers® are the first space saving hangers to create new, useable closet space by reimagining the design from scratch.

Why didn't I think of that?

How much space can I save with Higher Hangers?

In an average closet, simply replacing your regular hangers with space saving Higher Hangers® creates the equivalent of 48 shoe boxes or 7 carry-on luggage worth of new, useable closet space.


Game Changer→

Higher Hangers® are the only short neck space saving hangers that create new, useable closet space. Invented & patented in a dorm. 

Spark Joy→
Find what you want & start your day smiling in a clutter-free closet with wrinkle-free clothes!

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With Free Shipping & 30-Day Returns, we guarantee you'll LOVE Higher Hangers.

More than 1-Million Sold in over 35 countries .

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I'm Tidying Up My Closet.

Space Saving Hangers

Create NEW Space →
In an average closet, our space saving hangers free up the equivalent space of 7 carry-on pieces of luggage or 48 pairs of shoes.

Double Your Closet →
Have only 1 closet rod? After switching to Higher Hangers, many of our customers have added an additional closet rod they couldn't have ever fit before Higher Hangers. 

Tidy Up →
Your closet can & should bring you joy. You are in there everyday & often in a hurry. Reduce wrinkles & clutter with Higher Hangers.